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The Legends

The Legends portfolio is built on the positions held by the Top 1% of hundreds of analysts. Your portfolio co-trades with the Legends, which means their performance is your performance.
Our global of network of hundreds of analysts is larger than any hedge fund, which means your investments benefit from diverse strategies unique perspectives.
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Here, every analyst is transparently tracked and continuously ranked. Every trade and every position recorded on an immutable ledger. Every month, we identify and update the Top 1% based on the only metric that matters: performance.

This way you know you're always investing with the best.

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To The

Becoming a great investor takes time, skill, and expertise. Investing with the Legends means you benefit from top investment strategies — without the daily stress of studying the market or the financial barriers of a top hedge fund.
Your portfolio is tailored to your risk tolerance, and you always have the choice to turn off any of the Legends' positions.


Co-trade with the Top 1%.

Save time and stress by investing in the best.

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Our founder Brooker shares how Covey is changing the game

Fair Fees

Your monthly fee is based on your investment level.
for investments under $10,000
for investments over $10,000
charged 1/12% every month

Invest today. $0 fees
for first 30 days.

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Your funds are deposited with our custodian and broker dealer, Alpaca.
Alpaca is a regulated entity by FINRA and SIPIC, which means your deposits are safe up to $500,000 (including $250,000 claims for cash). Your funds are never mixed with anyone else's, and are never accessible by anyone other than you — not even the Legends.


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Where do my funds go?
Can I access my funds at any time?
Can I use my CVY tokens?
Why are the Legends contributing data to Covey?
Why is Covey sharing this data vs keeping it to yourself?